European or national drone scenario ?

Which drone scenario to use from December 2, 2021? National drone scenario or European drone scenario? This is the question many of you are asking yourself. Here is the answer: from December 2, 2021, in the European drone regulation, all new drone operators will have to fly using the European scenarios: open categories (A1, A2,

Professional drones, a booming market

Professional drones, market development and current situation According to the latest activity reports (the latest to date is from 2019) published by the Civil Aviation Safety Directorate (DSAC), the number of registered professional drones (i.e. more of 800 grams) is growing steadily: respectively 9,582, 13,647 and 15,946 between 2017 and 2019. These civil aircraft are

which place for french drone manufacturers

Which place for drones French manufacturers ?

In 2020, as in previous years, the number of drones in the world, all sectors combined, will follow an exponential growth curve. The main manufacturers are still Chinese players for civil drones (leisure and professional) and American players for military drones. These two countries together account for more than 80% of the world market (source

How to choose a drone ?

Even if more than 70% of drones are used for aerial photography, the expression of the needs of the principals tends towards specificity. By way of illustration, while aerial surveillance requires to cover large linear distances with a rather low level of resolution, the inspection of structures will require to carry out geostationary flights with

storage of aerial shots

Storage of aerial shots

Storage of aerial shots – The stakes Drones are mainly used for aerial photography. These missions generate large multimedia content that drone operators find difficult to collect, exploit and archive safely. But what size are we talking about ? The size of a video depends on many parameters, but we will mainly focus on two:

Key points to shot a drone video

Key points to shot a drone video

How to qualify a service of aerial photography ? Drones are mainly used for aerial photography. however, this image capture covers very disparate uses: real estate, building inspection, film shooting, etc…. involving different specifications from one service to another and, as a result, very variable price ranges that poorly explained. In this post, I will

french drones marketplace

French drones marketplace

French professional drones: whose is their owner and what are their use? 8837 is the number of professional drone operators (equipment weighing more than 800 grams) in France in 2019 (figure taken from the DGAC’s monthly Civil Aviation magazine of January 2020). That is to say an official growth of about 38% per year over