Have you a drone weighing more than 800 grams ?

As an individual person or a business company, you have the obligation to achieve large administrative procedures. These procedures are long and tedious.

GestaDRONE, your new online platform, assists you by simplifying your daily procedure management regardless the size of your team.

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You are a drone operator

Aerial shooting

Pictures, videos and real time video streams are used in various settings: events, cinematography, security, inspection of works, surveys of topographic measurement, real estates, etc.


The drone payload is used to transport packages to relay points or intervention areas

Precision farming

The drone, equipped with specific tools, makes it’s possible to automate certain tasks, business activities: sowing phytosanitary treatments, etc.

Automate your administrative proceduresand achieve your flight requests online

Securely centralize

all your activities data

Be alerted if the procedures

are not followed

Expert support to assist you in your daily administrative procedures and in the event of an audit

A management platform of your dronist activities

Activity statement

Declare your activity in one click using our web platform, interconnected with Alpha Tango®, the web portal administrated by the DSAC .

Organization of your activity

Organize your missions, plan your resources (remote pilots, drones) while respecting the internal control rules defined in your specific activity manual and follow up your flight incidents. At the end of the year, automatically generate your summary documents (manual of specific activities, annual activity report, monitoring of events in service, etc.)

Management of the drone fleet

Administer your fleet of drones: technical files, certificates of conformity, maintenance manuals, flight request history, flight data archiving, etc.). Thus, you can control the airworthiness of your drones in real time and have full traceability of their activities if requested by the administration.

Management of remote pilots

Manage the skills of each of your remote pilots: training plan, alert in case of necessary renewals. Scan the associated supporting documents: declaration of skill level, certificate of theoretical competence, attestation of training follow-up, attestation of aptitude for remote pilot functions, etc. Give your remote pilots access to update their situation.

Flights organization

Thanks to the interface of the web platform, define your flight plans, then generate and transmit in real time or in deferred mode your authorization requests (standard flights, flights in populated areas, outside BVLOS / VLOS view, at night, etc. .) to the right contacts (prefectures, DSAC, airports, etc.).

Storage and management of your mission results

Store online aerial shootings from your missions: images, videos, thermal images, 3D view, etc. Securely transmit them to your customers through the platform over the period of time of your choice: password protection, download tracking.
You get 10 GB of storage per company in the basic offer.

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