Mission preparation, a highly technical task

Preparing a flight or a mission (that is a set of flights) is very time-consuming if it is done properly.

  • Definition and planning of flights (trajectory shaping)
  • Selection of human and material resources
  • Prior validation of weather conditions
  • Regulatory study of the flight area
  • Declaration of the flight(s) to the competent authorities
  • Follow-up on obtaining flight authorisations
  • Verification of the regulatory compliance of the flight(s) with respect to MANEX and the regulations
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You are a drone operator

You are VSE or a SME

You want to declare your flights to the competent authorities easily, quickly and without error.

You want to have a digital safe containing all your regulatory aeronautical documentation

You want to have a secure storage space shared with your customers

You are a mid-sized company or a large group

You wish to have a tool to decentralise the management of operations

You want to monitor the skill level of your remote pilots

You want to control the airworthiness of your multi-vendor UAV fleet (vectors, batteries, sensors)

You want to ensure that your aeronautical activity is carried out safely in accordance with the regulations and your MANEX.

Manage your entire remote-controlled aeronautical activity

  • Administrative procedures for the operator
  • Monitoring the skills of your team of remote pilots
  • Airworthiness status of your drone fleet
  • Follow-up of your flights & missions

Prepare your missions and make your theft declarations online

  • Mission preparation: description of the flight(s), planning and reservation of human and material resources, etc.
  • Declaration of flights to the competent aeronautical authorities: restricted areas, CTR, natural areas, military areas, populated areas, etc.

Be alerted in case of regulatory non-compliance of your operation

  • Management and update of your MANEX
  • Recording of all synchronization errors with the DGAC AlphaTango site
  • Verification of the regulatory compliance of your operation with respect to European regulations and your MANEX
  • Real-time alerts of updates to be made to avoid automatic suspensions of your resources: CONOPS, telepilots, aircraft.

Centralize all your aeronautical data

Follow-up of the validity of all the documents related to your remote-controlled aeronautical activity:

  • Administrative of the operator
  • Telepilot certifications
  • Approvals and certifications of equipment
  • Flight declarations

Store your content on a dedicated and secure infrastructure

Simultaneous and real time backup of your document space in two separate French datacenters on dedicated Drone Geofencing servers (possibility of using your own servers) and a cold back-up is performed every day in addition.

Secure sharing of your aerial shots with third parties (in streaming or downloading mode) for a permanent or limited period of time.

Apply AI algorithms to your videos and streams

Provision of a library of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (possibility of integrating your own algorithms).

Execution of AI algorithms on your videos (in post-processing) or directly on your streams.

Instant visualization of results in your GestaDRONE interface.

Our + Expert support to assist you in your daily administrative procedures and in the event of an audit

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