Management of regulatory procedures

Software compatibility with the regulation (EU) 2020/639: national and European standard scenarios, non-standard derogation scenarios

Mission preparation (one or more flights)

  • Reservation of your resources in men (remote pilot) and equipment (vectors, sensors)
  • Display of all aeronautical data related to your mission: weather, air restriction zones, NOTAM, obstacles in the flight area
  • Inventory of all the steps you need to take
  • Pre-filling of all the documents to be provided and giving you all the necessary contact data
  • Management of the sending of requests: sending (immediate or deferred) on AlphaTango), follow-up of requests requiring a flight permit



Treated restrictions

  • Permanent restriction zones
    • Controlled areas including RMZs and TMZs
    • Restricted areas
    • Dangerous areas
    • Prohibited areas including TIAs
    • Model aircraft, parachuting, aerobatics, gliding, etc. areas
    • No-fly zones
    • SETBA and VOLTAC areas
    • Zones from AIP supplements published by the SIA
    • Natural zones
    • Protection zones for aeronautical platforms
  • Areas prohibited from aerial photography (ZIPVA)
  • Urban zones
  • No Fly Zones DJI
  • Road, rail and high voltage networks