” Samuel worked nearly thirteen years in an aeronautical telecommunication company. He was confronted on this occasion to the aerial traffic management issues.

When his son bought a drone weighing more than 800 grams, he realized that many administrative et regulatory procedures (mainly flight authorizations) were requested. From this observation, the concept of Drone Geofencing is born…

Anne BRAU – Founder of Drone Geofencing

Our company

Created in 2019, Drone Geofencing is a company from Nîmes, a member of the “Bic Innov’up” incubator.

The company is a publisher of professional drone activities management software.

The latter facilitates all regulatory administrative procedures inherent in the use of a fleet of aircraft: activity management, flight log, incident log, CERFA, maintenance log, special activity manual, etc.

Our team

Anne, CEO

Graduated from the business school of Reims and holds a diploma in accounting.

She worked for Ernst Young at Paris over 11 years within the audit, internal control, and internal audit and risk management teams.

In 2006, she joined IMERYS group for which she created Risks and Internal control department which she managed.

This professional course creates value to specify the regulatory part of the software.

Samuel, associate

Engineer by training (Higher School in Computer Science, Automatic Electronics).
He held operational management positions (planning, engineering, operations, sales) with several Telecom operators (Equant, Transpac and France Telecom SCE) for 12 years.

In 2008, he became head of the innovation finance firm Monte Cristo Consulting (fundraising, public aid) before joining in 2016 the company Virdys (publisher of augmented reality and virtual reality software).

Samuel has accumulated strong technical experience in the ecosystem
digital start-ups.